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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a non-surgical, doctor-directed program of visual activities designed to improve visual skills and correct certain vision problems. Visual problems that may benefit from a vision therapy program include lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency, tracking issues, reversal/laterality issues, and reading/learning disabilities.

Each patient that enters a Vision Therapy program first goes through a detailed examination and evaluation. After this, a Vision Therapy program is fully individualized for the patient. This program includes weekly 30 minute sessions for intensive Vision Therapy, as well as take home activities to help reinforce skills learned during sessions.

Progress is evaluated through each Vision Therapy session, and the the program is continuously designed to help the patient progress and ultimately achieve his/her highest level of visual efficiency.


COVID-19 Update: We are taking special precautions and strictly adhering to all CDC/government guidelines in order to ensure your safety during your visit.

This includes a face covering requirement, hand sanitation/surface sterilization before + after every patient visit, limiting occupancy in-office, screening for COVID symptoms and frequent testing of doctor and staff members.