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Specialty Contact Lens Fitting – Scleral/RGP/Hybrid/Keratoconus


In some cases, a standard soft contact lens may not be adequate for vision correction due to the shape of the eye, comfort issues, or an underlying eye disease. A more customized and involved specialty contact lens fitting may be needed. Our eye doctors are equipped with the necessary technology and are well-versed in fitting a wide variety of specialty contact lenses, including:

  • Scleral contact lenses
  • RGP contact lenses
  • Hybrid contact lenses
  • “Piggyback”contact lenses
  • Contact lenses for keratoconus
  • Custom soft/toric contact lenses


COVID-19 Update: We are taking special precautions and strictly adhering to all CDC/government guidelines in order to ensure your safety during your visit.

This includes a face covering requirement, hand sanitation/surface sterilization before + after every patient visit, limiting occupancy in-office, screening for COVID symptoms and frequent testing of doctor and staff members.