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COVID-19 and Your Eyes

COVID-19 has significantly changed the landscape of the US.  As of March 13, 2020, when this article will be published; schools, businesses, sporting events and concerts have all been cancelled.  There is no denying COVID-19's impact on both health and the economy.  As a provider of eye and vision care, Los cq5dam.web.1440.660Altos Optometric Group will be open to provide eyecare services including eye exams, glasses and contacts - through March, April and beyond.  Both our doctors and staff are taking multiple precautions, aligning with CDC (Center for Disease Control) and AOA (American Optometric Association) guidelines, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients:

  • Using clinic-grade sanitization on all equipment before EVERY use
  • Constant deep cleaning of all furniture and items handled by patients
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing by all doctors and staff
  • Screening for patients or employees that demonstrate possible COVID-19 symptoms

We also want to pass out a few helpful tips regarding the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak that can help keep you and your loved ones healthy:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer frequently
  • imagesDon't touch your face! A common method of viral infection is vector transfer through your eyes, as well as your nose and mouth
  • Stay home if you feel COVID-19 symptoms, most notably: fever, coughing, malaise
  • Avoid large group gatherings and maintain a 6-8 foot "social" boundary when in public
  • Sterilize all surfaces that may have risk of coming in contact with COVID-19 (the virus has been shown to survive on surfaces for up to 72 hours)
  • COVID-19 seems to have milder effects on younger individuals and is most devastating to elderly individuals, immuno-compromised individuals and those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes.  However, since this is a novel virus, we do not know if these characteristics will change over time.

Our office looks forward to serving you for all your vision and eye care needs, by not only providing the best quality service, but also the safest environment possible.  Please reach out to our staff if you have any questions, concerns or requests.

We wish you the best of health and vision!


-Dr. Aaron Neufeld

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Dr. Aaron Neufeld is the Chief Optometrist at Los Altos Optometric Group and primary author and editor of The EYE Digest.

To contact him with questions or make an appointment call: (650) 948-3700 or send him an email:


COVID-19 Update: We are taking special precautions and strictly adhering to all CDC/government guidelines in order to ensure your safety during your visit.

This includes a face covering requirement, hand sanitation/surface sterilization before + after every patient visit, limiting occupancy in-office, screening for COVID symptoms and frequent testing of doctor and staff members.