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Golf Vision – Improving Your Game through Better Vision

Eyesight on the golf course is vital to your game. golf 1486354 960 720

Whether you are looking at the ball while swinging or spotting the ball after driving down the fairway, your vision is constantly being used while on the course.  With the The Masters Tournament finishing up and golf season in full swing, here are 4 ways that proper golf glasses/sunglasses can help you:

1) Distance Correction - Sharpness and max acuity are vital for spotting your ball and looking down the fairway.  Make sure you have an updated prescription in your glasses and visit us even if you think you have perfect vision - there may be a slight distance correction or astigmatism correction that can be found that can give you an advantage if utilized in lenses.

IMG 59652) Contrast Enhancing - Colored lenses like the rose tint seen in the pair of Oakley Golf Prizms that I am holding in the picture enable you to have better depth perception and read the green better.

3) Tint - Darker tints will enhance comfort, concentration and vision on sunny days.  Polarization is often a controversial topic - while it may help reduce low angle glare, it can affect depth perception - thus it is up to the individual golfer whether or not to have polarized lenses

4) Wind/Dust Protection - Having glasses on will physically protect you from oncoming wind, dust and debris.  This in turn will prevent eye irritation and allow better focus.


Now that you know all the advantages of wearing a pair of glasses/sunglasses for golf, here are three vital eyesight tools to carry in your golf bag when playing a round of 9 or 18:

1) Artificial Tears - especially on windy, cold and dry days, the eyes tend to dry out when playing golf.  This is not only due to the elements, but also due to the lack of blinking that occurs when you are medicine 415397 960 720intently focusing on the golf ball.  Playing out of a sand trap (hopefully not too often!) also opens up the possibility of getting sand/debris in the eyes.  Artificial tears are great for flushing the eyes out.  For specific brands, I recommend Systane Complete, Blink Tears or Refresh Optive.

2) Allergy Drops - Playing golf, especially during seasons with a high pollen count, increases your chance of developing seasonal allergies.  These allergies can affect your eyes by causing itchiness and watering.  Thus, it is wise to always carry an allergy drop that can provide quick relief.  I recommend either Alaway or Zaditor.  These are safe, over-the-counter drops, dosed twice a day, that stop allergy symptoms in the eyes.

3) Spray Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth - Face it, if you're golfing with glasses or sunglasses, they're going to get dirty.  Whether it be from sweat, oil, fingerprints, moisture in the air or debris; your eye-wear will get dirty when on the course.  I recommend carrying our own branded spray cleaner and microfiber cloth.  The best part?  We give them away at absolutely no cost.  Just stop by our office and pick up what you need!

-Dr. Aaron Neufeld


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Dr. Aaron Neufeld is the Chief Optometrist at Los Altos Optometric Group and primary author and editor of The EYE Digest.

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