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Comfort, Clarity and Cleanliness – The Beauty of Daily Disposable Contacts

-The EYE Digest-

Comfort, Clarity and Cleanliness - The Beauty of Daily Disposable Contacts

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), roughly 45 million Americans wear contact lenses.  That translates to about 13% of the US population placing a conta16247 tears shutterstock newsct lens in the eye everyday! Contact lenses are a fascinating invention that allow for sharp vision without the burden of standard eyeglasses.

In this decade, when we refer to contact lenses, a soft lens is probably what comes to mind.  While hard lenses (rigid gas permeable, scleral or reverse geometry like Orthokeratology) with certain long term wearers as well as correcting certain corneal conditions, soft contact lenses have become much more prevalent.

Offering advantages such as ease of use and comfort, soft contact lenses come in a variety of offerings.  Soft contact lenses can correct for astigmatism using toric technology, and can even correct for presbyopia and be offered as a stand-in for bifocals/progressive lenses through the use of multifocal technology.

There are three main replacement schedules that soft contact lenses can come in:

-Monthly replacement

-Bi-weekly replacement

-Daily replacement

While monthly and bi-weekly modalities dominated the contact lens industry for a while, we are increasingly seeing a shift towards the daily replacement modality.  Why? Well there are 5 great reasons to wear daily contact lenses:

  1. Lower Risk of Eye Infection - A monthly/bi-weekly lens requires cleaning and storage of the lens contact lensesover a long period of time.  This allows for harmful bacteria and other bugs to grow on the lenses. Additionally, the oxygen lacking environment that sleeping in certain monthly lenses causes can lead to painful eye infections.  Daily lenses essentially eliminate this risk by using a fresh lens everyday.
  2. Better Comfort - Since you are using a fresh lens everyday, there is an added level of comfort when popping the new lens in!
  3. Better Clarity - A fresh lens everyday also eliminates the protein and lipid build up that is standard on monthly/bi-weekly lenses.  This allows for less cloudy and thus sharper
  4. Convenience - Lost a lens?  No worries, just pop another one in!  No more waiting another month replace that lens or buy another box.
  5. No More Solution - With their unique individual blister packs, the need for contact lens solution is virtually eliminated.

A Note about Disposal

Recent media articles have pointed to many daily disposable lenses ending up in pipelines and sewers.  If you are wearing or plan to wear daily disposable lenses, make sure to always throw them away in the trash can!  Never flush them down the toilet or place them in down the sink drain.

In conclusion, daily disposable contact lenses offer a lucrative vision correction alternative that results in healthy eyes and better vision!  With roughly 70% of contact lens wearers in our practice wearing daily disposables, we truly believe that these lenses can positively impact your well-being and lifestyle if your eyes fit the parameters for wearing a daily lens.

Give us a call and schedule a contact lens fit today, your eyes will thank you!


-Dr. Aaron Neufeld

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Dr. Aaron Neufeld is the Chief Optometrist at Los Altos Optometric Group and primary author and editor of The EYE Digest.

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